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Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to my Travel Blog!

Hey there!

I'm a marmossette monkey, but I'm known as "Minkey" by all my friends.

I was born in a toy store in Texas about 5 years ago. I'm 1' tall, 18 oz. I have gorgeous red fluffy hair and I love to travel and party down with everyone.

People love me once they get to know me and understand what I'm all about, and if they don't, they can bite me!

I've been to lots of exciting places, been kidnapped twice, and barely escaped the jaws of death in Scotland, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

You can post to my blog and ask me anything you want. I can be a little sassy sometimes with having so many friends and all, so watch what you say to me, cos you never know what I'm going to say back!

Catch ya Later!

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Talk to me! You won't be sorry you did. I can be sassy and feisty, and love to have fun with everybody ... whether it's traveling with new friends or talking with them here on my blog. I'll be adding pictures and trips as I get them set up, so stay tuned.