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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Minkey Visits the Fabulous French Quarter In New Orleans, Louisiana

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This is one of Minkey Mama's favorite places anywhere, and I got to go without her! NaNaNa Na-Na!! I love it. I went with a really fun family, too. The Hightower family. One of the ladies is Minkey Mama's boss. She let me drink and everything, and my mom couldn't do a thing or SHE'd get in trouble. HehHeh.

Anyway, this was a two-part trip. First we went to New Orleans and the French Quarter, then we got on a huge cruise ship and cruised off to Cozumel, Mexico. That will be in the next post (above this one).

New Orleans is such a cool place. It's really old ... like Europe, and has some awesome looking houses and things there. And you know what's really cool? There's a ton of ghosties there. Ooooooooooo.

My mom saw one when she went. It was a ghost named Julie, and she froze to death on the roof of one of those 3-story houses. It was a tragic love story, so her spirit never left the house. She still lives there so no one else will stay there even if they buy the house. They always get creeped out and move. It was for sale -again, during her last trip there.

And do these people know how to chow down? Yeah, baby! They have a very famous pastry place there with some delicious thingies called bin'ets or something, and a restaurant called "Mother's" where they make food like you WISH yo mama would! Ummmm-ummm.

We went to some other way cool places there, too, like the famous Pat O'Briens, Jackson Square where you can get carriage rides, voo-doo stores (Yikes!). At this store, if you don't like someone, you can get a doll that's supposed to be them and then stick pins in it when they make you mad. Minkey Mama wouldn't let me have one because she said it's evil.

They have the most awesome cemetery you've ever seen anywhere. All the graves are on top of the ground - in some very fancy tombs they used in the movie "Easy Rider". They do that because it floods there a lot and they didn't want all those dead bodies floating down the street. Ye gads and little fishes!! hehe There are some famous ghosties that hang around there, too.

Lion February 23, 2007 Mardi Gras 035
Mardi Gras Parade - Baton Rouge, LA Fantasy Trophy - Guardian's of Harmony
Ok. That's all I can write on New Orleans. Minkey Mama said I was getting carried away and needed to stop. Fine ... FINE. I'll move on to the cruise that left from New Orleans.

Hang on to your hats ... Lots more fun to come!!
The Minkster