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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Minkey Goes Pirating with the Hightowers!

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This was the most unusual trip yet, cos I got to go and be a Pirate in South Padre Island with Minkey Mama's boss and some of her family.  We went on the pirate ship because this trip was with the kids.  YIPEE!!!   I always have so much fun with them.  Their names are Kevin, Alex and the twins - Kylee and Baylee.  We got to do lots of things we wouldn't have done without the kids, so that made the Mink very happy.  Oh, and I don't want to leave the big people out (big as in old).  No wait....They're young, tall people!  hehe   Don't want to make them mad, or they won't ever take me again.  That was Lena and Jason, in addition to Mz.Colene.

We did a road trip to get there,  and then we went to the beach on the Island and to a Pirate Ship with real Pirates and everything! There was a treasure chest, and all the kids had sword fights with the Pirates. The Minkster decided against that. One fell swoop with that big ole knife, and red fur would fly everywhere.  No more little red monkey! Ooooooooo.  Just too scary for me. The Pirates turned out to be real mean, just like you hear, because they were making all the poor, innocent kids swab the deck!

There were also some really fun children's museums there that we went to, and all the kids included the Mink in everything they did.  I liked that.  They're really fun peeps to have.

The beach was extra fun this time, too.  The Mink always has fun on beach trips. We all built a HUGE sand castle, and I got to sit on top of it because it was just my size! Yipee!! I had lots of weird looks from strangers when I did that. I got really stinky, too, with all the sand and seaweed smells, and when I got back home and to Minkey Mama's desk, I was pretty ripe!! hehehe STINKY MINKEY.  lol

Colene tried to cover it with some Minkey/Man cologne, but the smell in the office was pretty loud! I had to go home that night and take a nice little soak in Woolite! My mama said it would make me all soft and fluffy again. And it did, so all was well in the end.

I especially liked going with a bunch of kids, cos they're really creative at fun and different stuff to do. I'm looking forward to the next trip with the Hightowers. They always get great pics, too. I think it's mostly Colene that takes the creative pics. She's a real artistic lady.

I have to go now ..... getting ready for my next trip TO ALASKA!!! I have a really pretty Alaskan parka that Minkey Mama bought me for the trip. I hope it will be warm enough for a little monkey who's supposed to live in the tropics!

Whoooooooo Hooooooooo! I can't wait to go crusin again. They always have buffets and bars with bananas and other fruits the Mink loves, and best of all, they have banana dacquiris. Hopefully, the lady and her husband who are taking me there, will let me sneak a drink or two. We'll see. This lady was Minkey Mama's boss at another job and now they work at the same company again. She's one of my mom's most favorite people in the world!

Gotta run and start packing and see if they have some bear and moose repellant at the stores!

Later, peeps!

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