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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fabulous "Mink"
In Rhode Island-Boston-Connecticutt

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This was the coolest, most laid-back trip I've had in a while. Usually, I'm so busy, I don't get to know the people I travel with very much. But this was different.

I went to Boston and mostly, Rhode Island with one of Minkey Mama's friends from work, Stella. We were invited by Stella's friend, Liz and her husband, Michael. I was very excited, because I've never been to the northeast coast of the United States, and never seen the ocean from up there, either.

It was kinda like a 'camp-out' because there was a blow-up bed (no - not a blow-up girl) in their basement, and that's where me and Stella slept. It had the coolest cover on it - a HUGE purple and gold Minnesota Vikings blankie. That was because Stella's friend's hubby is a major Viking fan.

Anyway, first thing I did was plop down on my bed to try it out (you can see the picture above). See how my beautiful red fur looks with that purple and gold? WhoooooHoooooooo! I am ONE fine minkey. All that was missing was a fine little white fur minkey chica to keep me company.

We felt really special down there because that was not your normal basement -- that's for sure. We had a big screen TV down there and lots of cd's, video games, etc. All we did was PLAY-PLAY-PLAY!! And being a wild little Minkey, that's what I do best, so it was right up my alley or right up my palm tree, whichever shoe fits.

My very favorite toy there was Guitar hero. I never knew what that was, but I got to feel like a real rock star! A real ROCKIN MINKEY. Move over, Justin Timberlake! hehehe If you saw my Vegas trip pics, you probably saw me in front of the biggest guitar known to man! That was really cool, and then even cooler - I had my pic taken with a life-size Elvis. I think our profiles looked a lot a like in one of the pictures, don't you?

That night after arriving and checking out my new bed - I got out the Rhode Island travel book to see where all we were planning on going while we were there. What a COOL place that is, too!

The next morning, I had coffee and read the Rhode Island Newspaper, just like a grown up human. I felt very smug doing that, even though I don't know how to read. But they didn't know that, lol.

Before we even went anywhere that day, I spotted the hooch. Yeeee Haaaa! So of course, since I was far away from Minkey Mama, I started having a few toddys and wanted to try out the Guitar Hero for the first time before we left. The pictures they took were a little fuzzy, and honey, it ain't because I"M fuzzy.

Stella and her friend's hubby (and moi of course) got just a tad ripped. They said the pictures just got blurred, but that's just a load of hooey. And they got me all buzzed, too. Hmmmm. Wonder what the SPCA would think of people getting a poor, innocent little primate drunk as a skunk? Now I have something to hold over Stella's head whenever I want something.

Then we went to the beach in the coolest ittle red sports car you ever saw. They were going to take pics of me driving it before we left there, but the morning we tried to do that, it rained.

Anyway, they got a few Rhode Island beach pictures of me. I went with Stella to have Clam Cakes & Clam Chowder in a little beach hut. UmmmUmmm-- it was sooooo good.

Then we walked the sea rock wall and I was really letting my hair down there after a few clams and some more beer. I darn near blew away, the wind was so hard, and we were walking on the rock wall so that didn't help!

Stella's no different than any of Minkey Mama's other friends ..... she makes me do very dangerous things just to get a good picture. I should have showed her how hard I can BITE, but I figured she'd pack me away in the suitcase for the rest of the trip if I did that, so I controlled myself.

On the last night, I wanted to play Guitar Hero with Stella and Michael again, but they wouldn't let me. Sniff....sniff.... Waaaaaaaa! See me sitting up there on the back of the couch looking all rejected and hurt? I'm tellin' Minkey Mama on the both of 'em.

That evening, they took me to Massachusetts with them. I liked that because on the way, we rode in the convertible with the top down -- and listened to some rock & roll while we enjoyed the ride. Then we went to a big ole cook-out on the beach there. It was probably a lot like that movie Elvis made five kazillion years ago called "Clam Bake".

Last thing we did was to go to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticutt . I didn't get to gamble much because I didn't bring much money in my little black travel bag. That was Minkey Mama's fault. She shorted me. Witch. She probably knew I'd have to curtail my drinking and gambling if she did that.

Oh well.....Stella, Liz, and Michael showed me a really good time, and it was really special to get to go to that corner of the world. Not a lot of people go there often.

I have to go now. I'm already starting to get ready for my upcoming trip to New Oleans and a cruise from there to Mexico. WhoooooHoooooo! Can't wait.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

"The Mink" - Turtle Bay Resort
... North Shore, Oahu Hawaii

If you think this incredible place is as gorgeous as I do, just click here for some of the best rates on the net for a discounted trip:
This was our last day, and it was a perfect way to end our trip in Paradise. We finished seeing the Dole Pineapple Plantation (schroll down to the last post to see the pics from that trip), and then we went to the most beautiful place I've ever seen. It took what little breath I have in this tiny 12" minkey body completely away.

It was called Turtle Bay Resort, and it's on the North Shore of Hawaii in Kahuku Oahu. The North Shore and Turtle Bay Resort is said to be the one place that is "true Hawaii". This is another post where Minkey Mama said I could have more pictures so I could share it with all my fans, so I hope you enjoy the pictures.

After we soaked in the beach and resort and views so beautiful I almost fainted again, we were pretty hungry. There was this little truck there (see pics above) that the people raise their own shrimp, so their shrimp is the freshest of the fresh, and we CHOWED DOWN! Man-oh-man that was good eatin'! It sent chills down my spine and made my hair frizz out it was so good! Oh .... I forgot .... my hair was frizzed out BEFORE I ate the shrimp. heh heh.

ANYway, my last day in Paradise could not have been more perfect. I'm writing to every monkey on the face of the earth to tell them to come here!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

USS Arizona-Utah-Oklahoma
Dole Pineapple Plantation

"She's Trying to Get Rid of Me!"

Today was a little of everything - fun, sad and terrifying! We went to see the USS Arizona, the USS Utah and the USS Oklahoma, and then to the Dole Pineapple Plantation.

It's been a long trip, and I was getting a little cranky. On the way to the Arizona, I was riding in the back, and I was mad because I wanted to go to a banana plantation. I was missing my bananas and their by-products (banana daquiris), and I told Ellen she wasn't buying me enough souvenirs and that there weren't any slot machines in Hawaii. Anyway, all of a sudden, she snapped her fingers at me and said, "Don't make me come back there!" Yeah, right. Like I was sooooooooo scared. Other than putting me in some dangerous places to get some good pictures, Ellen is a very sweet lady. Or so I thought!

When we got to the Arizona, she made a b-line with me to a huge propeller or something like that and put me right in the middle of it. I think she was trying to spin me into oblivion or something! THEN, when that didn't work, she put me on a humongous harpoon missile!! I guess she was hoping they'd shoot me into space and she wouldn't have to hear me fuss anymore. DOUBLE YIKES!!

That scared me enough that I calmed down, and then we had fun the rest of the day. The Pineapple Plantation was WAY cool. If you look at the picture at the top of this post, you'll see me with some baby pineapples. When no one was looking, I snagged me a few of those to eat later.

That place looked like a jungle. So I was so excited at being at a place that felt like my "roots", that I started swinging off every tree and everything that wasn't nailed down in the gift shop. Then we went outside, and I was still all jazzed up, so I started teasing a German Shepperd! Probably not too good an idea, but Ellen stopped me before he got me. Here's a video of part of it. As you can see, I really got tanned there in Hawaii, because my fur is dark brown. Anyway, here's the video. Just click on this:It was such a wild day, I slept all the way home in the car (much to Ellen's relief). Tomorrow is the last day in Paradise. Waaaaaaaaaa!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Diamond Head-Honolulu Zoo
Waikiki Beach-North Shore

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This place is why they call Hawaii Paradise! It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen, so I talked Minkey Mama into letting me put more pics on my post of it.

It was also a super fun day, because I got to go visit some cousins at the Honolulu Zoo (see the full slide show to see them), get my pic taken with some of the most colorful flowers you can imagine (and they showed off my beautiful red mane perfectly, of course), and I had a little excitement, too.

If you look close at the pictures above, you'll see me and Kathy sitting on a giraffe. COOL. And then we went to see the turtles. I thought, "Oh, big deal. They're slow and can't do anything to me". WRONG. Ellen put me in with them (good ole Ellen strikes again), and those things were Huge.

You can see in the picture above they weren't all that laid back. Ellen was suggesting I pose on it, and she pissed off the ugly old hunk of shell or whatever the heck that suit of armor it has on is. I started running in terror and it took off after me ... all 400 pounds of it and at a pretty fast clip of about 1 mile per 3 hours. I was tired from the day before, and it was actually gaining on me! Yikes!!!! Have you seen their scary mouths? It coulda bit me in two!

Then we went to see some scenery, and Ellen posed me on a ledge about 2 or 3 miles over the ocean and jungle. Then there was the highest staircase I ever saw and Jeff took me piggy back down and back up that. He's gotta be pretty buff to climb all those stairs. I'm a monkey and I couldn't have done it!

Then we went to the beach, which I always love, and I got to be around Kathy a lot there. So that was a perfect end to our day there!
Don't go away yet, because tomorrow it's off to the USS Arizona and a few other military memorials and the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Yipee!!!!
See ya there,

Minkey at Pali and the
Punchbowl Memorial

(click on the title above for a few more pics)

Today was a little more serious, so I'll try to put a cap on being my usual silly self. Ellen has been in the military, so we went to the National Memorial to the Americans who lost their lives in the Pacific. It was very sad, but peaceful there too. Minkey Mama loves the guys and gals in the military who give their lives every day to keep us safe. She is honored to be able to work with them and help them move around the country (and from other countries, too) so they can do their jobs. If you see one, salute 'em for the Mink!

Snorkeling at Waikiki - Yeah!

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We went to Waikiki Beach today to rest and do a little snorkeling. I was so excited, I was swinging from everything in sight at the lobby of our hotel and every tree on the beach!

First thing we did was go on a big boat out where all the pretty fishies are. If you look really close at the pics above, you'll see my snorkeling debut. They didn't have any Minkey-sized snorkels, so Ellen put me in a baggie (you can see that in the tiny corner of the picture up there although Ellen almost completely missed getting the subject (moi) in the picture. I think maybe she needs photography lessons!

I thought maybe I could attract some little Hawaiian girls with big kahunas, being all sophisticated and sporty and all, but being inside a baggie just didn't do it for them I guess. Maybe it was when I started gasping for air when Ellen sealed the bag that sent them swimming away. Oh, well. At least she floated the bag on the water long enough for me to see. So I don't care what anyone says, in my world ... I officially went snorkeling!!

After snorkeling and riding in the boat in the sun, we were pretty tired, so me and Ellen took a swim. You can see another one of the girls in the background swimming away -- just like I said -- so I'm whispering in Ellen's ear, "Why did you humiliate me like that? You shoulda known I couldn't be a sex-symbol when I'm zipped up in a baggie!! Common sense, girl! Ye gads and little fishes. :(

Then I was all tuckered out and went over t0 talk to Jeff, and we both ended up falling asleep right there on the beach. We both got burned, too. I never had a sunburn before. Have you ever tried getting a sunburn peel out of fur? It wasn't a pretty sight. I had all those little white dingle berries hanging all over my beautiful red coat for 2 whole days!

After, we just went back and hung out and listened to some tunes and then went to bed so we could get ready for our next big day.

Don't forget to check that one out, too!

Monday, July 7, 2008

On to Waikiki & Kualoa Ranch!

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I was so excited about Ellen taking me to Hawaii, I wanted to hang on the wing of the plane on the way over so I wouldn't miss a thing. But Ellen made me ride inside. I told her I was used to hanging on things and my hair getting all wind-blown, but she wouldn't listen. Phooey!

One of the first places we went when we arrived was downtown Waikiki. It was night time, so it looked really pretty with all the lights and chi-chi places. Ellen and Kathy bought me a gorgeous lai there just my size! And I got to have several pictures made with me and my new bud, Jeff. He's really a nice guy and is super sweet to Ellen. Anyway, it was so bright there, I was still seeing lights and pinwheels in my eyes 3 hours after we got back to the hotel. Mercy!

Check out the slideshow by clicking the title above so you can see all the snooty-falooty places I saw and had my pic made at: Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada and Tiffany were a few. I wanted to get a new pair of Ferragamo shoes, but Ellen wouldn't spring for the bucks. She had the lame excuse that they didn't have any in my size, and that I wouldn't be able to climb trees anymore if I had shoes on. Yeah, right.

Planet Hollywood and The Cheesecake Factory were there, too, only they were a lot fancier than any place else I'd ever seen. I wanted some banana cheesecake, but they didn't have any, so they were pretty useless.

Then me and Kathy had our pic taken in front of Tiffany's and she was actually snuggling me there. Yeah! There was only one downer about the nite, and that was when Ellen made Kathy take a pic with me in front of some torches, and it looked like Kathy's eyes were going to roll all the way back in her head (Don't hold back, Kathy). I don't think she wanted to be with me right then, so I cried for 2 whole hours when we got home. Sniff....sniff....Waaaah!
Next day we went by the Polynesian Cultural Center, The Kuolua Sugar Mill, the Kualoa Ranch and Waikiki Beach, and Ellen took some awesome pics of me in front of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Hawaiian volcanoes. One of em looked like a giant cone or maybe dinosaur poop or something. I couldn't tell. I'm just happy Ellen didn't want to take my picture sitting on the edge of an active volcano. She does things like that, you know. It was really windy in some of those places and as you can see by my hair, I got pretty ragged out. It's ok. It was worth it.

We were exhausted, so we had to go home and get some rest before our next big day in Paradise!

There was some Hawaiian Goddess Statue there that Ellen's daughter, Kathy sat down on with me to take our pics, and I liked that a whole bunch. Kathy is beautiful, and she had to hold me close in order to get our pictures taken. Whooo Hooo! I pretended we were getting married and that was the High Priestess of Hawaii we were sitting on.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Minkey at Daddy's Birthday
Star Trek Convention - Las Vegas

(click on the title above for a great slideshow!)

This was a WILD night! Par-tee Down, Mink!! Whatever you do, don't miss the slideshow on this one. The first pic of the show, I'm hangin around on an actual HAIRY tree! I never saw one of those before. And later, some of those characters I had my picture made with were the weirdest, scariest creatures I ever laid eyes on! Here's just a few of them: A Romulan woman and man ... some of the ugliest people I've ever seen -- especially the woman (woof!); Captain Kirk and me sitting on one of those little fuzzy "Tribbles" from Star Trek. I was happy that thang didn't bite seeing as how I was sittin' on him, 'cos you know where he woulda bit me!

Then there was Elvis and me at the Hard Rock Hotel (note our profiles -- how much we look like each other); an "M-13" creature called the Salt Vampire (check out his terrifying sucky mouth with saw teeth!), and a guy named "Gorn" who looked like the creature from the black lagoon. I had nightmares that night and woke up screaming and biting my tail several times over those things.

The only thing that saved me is that I got to calm down a little afterwards with a little Romulan ale. Trust the "Mink" to find the happy juice in any situation! You'll notice too, that I found a slot machine and did a little gambling while I was there. I got into Ellen's purse when she wasn't looking and got me some coins. Some of those machines have pictures with fruit, so I guess that means if I would have won, I could have won some bananas. That would've been sweet.

Finally, we partied ourselves out and had to go home to get some sleep, because the next day was .... HAWAII!!! Whoooopeeee!!! FINALLY.