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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Minkey Goes to His Friend Dana's Birthday Party in Sacramento, CA

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The Mink has been feeling very special and pampered lately! I just got back from a birthday party in Sacramento with my friend and Birthday Girl Dana (who took me to Fredericksburg). Her friend treated her to First Class on the plane, so of course, I got to ride there with her. Yipee! The Mink is coming up in the world!

Before we left, I went shopping with Minkey Mama and got Dana a little purple stuffed monkey in a gift bag, a sparkly present-shaped paperweight, and a magnet picture of (who else?) MOI, so she could put it on her fridge and look at me every day.

One thing that wasn't so classy about riding in First Class though; there was this snooty ole business guy who decided to take his shoes off right before we ate! Phew!!! I don't know why people have to lock their feet up in those thangs they call shoes so their dogs get all nasty and stinky, but they do. And when they take them off, whooooo-eeeee. If anyone were to light a match, the whole place would blow. And I can't figure out how they climb trees in them, either.

ANYway, we went to visit her very best friend in the world, Susan, her husband, and 3 boys who became my best buds right away. They were the coolest dudes I've ever known. Their names were Jake, Matthew and Charlie, and they were as fun as, well (sorry about this) ..... a barrell full of monkies! They always made sure I was with them wherever they went, and I liked that. It made me feel very special. :) I got to be a real guy for once instead of a stuffed toy along for the trip.

They had a Welsh Corgy named Lilo, and she was the only dog I ever liked. She was a chunky little low-rider of a dog, and she didn't slobber on me, gnaw on my head, or drag me around. I just hung with her (and on her!).

We partied at their house, and I snuck into the boys' rooms a couple of times to play on their puter and listen to some tunes on their IPOD. Then they taught me how to play pool and BlackJack. Yeah! You know how I love gambling, so even though it wasn't slot machines with bananas spinning around the little windows, it was still fun!

And I only tore the cloth on the pool table twice, and broke out 4 window panes.I'd say that's pretty good for my first try .... especially when I had to sit on the pool table cos I couldn't reach it from the floor like them. Dana laughed at me though (see the pic above), and that hurt my whittle feelings, sniff....sniff.

When it was time for Dana's birthday party, they were having a barbecue, and they made me work!! Everybody I travel with seems to think they can exploit me cos Minkey Mama's not there, so here we go again! Somebody call the SPCA! I had to help cut up the meat, and I don't even eat cows or pigs. And there wasn't even one banana or a banana daquiri in sight for compensation!

At least they made sure I did some fun things with them, though. I went to watch the boys play ball, and to a Wild West Show in Old Sacramento at their annual Gold Rush Days. And my favorite thing was riding with them in their go-cart. Wheeeeeeee! It was like, "Hang on Minkey .... Here we go!!" And it was all a blur after that. I got my beautiful red fur a little dusty, but it was worth it.

The only thing that wasn't fun, was that at the ball field, they crammed me on this pointy metal fence and jabbed it up my rear end so they could take the pic without having their hands in the picture. That smarted, and I got all humiliated even though I could see better up there on the fence. That's ok. I know which one stuck me on there, and the next time I see them, I'm gonna take a big old chunk out of em.

Gold Rush Days where everybody dresses up in western duds was really cool, too. I wanted to wear a cowboy hat, but they could't find a Stetson my size. It was really fun except for when they made me go to a gun fight! All that noise and bullets flying around made me swing around on every person in sight and then I whizzed on myself I was so scared. That was embarrassing, so I didn't like that part at all.

I was sorry when it was time to go, cos I hadn't had that much fun in a long time. Especially since I don't live with kids. Hopefully, they'll ask me back sometime so I can come and visit them (and Lilo) again.

Well, gotta run, I'm off to my next trip! Minkey Mama can't keep up with me any more I travel so much. She just needs to take me somewhere herself the next time!

C-ya around! Hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip.
"The Minkster"