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Monday, March 22, 2010

Grand Caymen, Jamaica & Cozumel
with 3 Wild Travel Chica Peeps!!

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OK, as you all know, the Minkster has been on many, many party cruises. He LIVES to party. However, this was the King Bee of em all! I went with 3 of my favorite travel peeps -- Dana, Stella & Paula to 3 different party cruise locations, and did we ever get down! WhooooooooHoooooooo Chicas!

We started partying before we ever got on the boat. We were in a hotel waiting for our "ship to come in" lol .... and they made me gamble before the ball even started rolling.

We played Farkle, that game everyone plays on Facebook, only it was for $$$. The Mink only travels with a tiny bit of money in his little black travel bag, and they won it all from me before the trip even began! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

That's ok ... I have some sharp little teeth, and they know it, so they didn't take advantage of me the rest of the trip. (Darn ... I wanted them to take advantage of me ... heh heh).

I met tons and tons of new friends though, cos Dana and Stella would get completely ripped and take me EVERYwhere to mix with everyone. And they were brazen little hussies, let me tell you. They even went to the "Appleton Rum Estate" in Jamaica so they could try to get at those giant barrels of rum, but they could only use glasses to drink.

That's ok, though, cos they let the Mink have his share, too, during the whole trip. The first place we went was to Jamaica. There's some pics in the slideshow of the old way to make rum ... with a donkey turning a little barrell of sugarcane to make the molasses that goes in the rum. It's a SUGAR high... not a boozey one, hehe! Then we went to a rum cake factory, too. Bet they never do that again. With all that sugar, the Minkster was pinging off every tree and every wall in sight! hehe

Paula was doing a "zip line" while everyone else was at the rum estate. I wanted to do that too, but between booze and zip line? Nah. The Mink knows how to "zip" around without some silly line!

Then we went to Grand Caymen Island and were supposed to go pet sting rays, but the water was all murky, and you wouldn't want to reach in to pet one of those thangs and not know where that big ole tail stinger is. It'd be Fried Minkey for sure!

So instead, we went to a sea turtle farm! The Mink liked that, cos he likes to visit with other animals on his trips. These were baby turtles though, thank goodness, because in Hawaii, a GIANT one chased after the Minkster at the Honolulu Zoo! It only went 1 mile in 5 hours, but it had that huge beak-thingy and a head that could shoot out and get the Mink. YIKES!!! It made me cry.

Then they actually took me to HELL!!! Yes, that's right ..... HELL. That's where they're going to spend all eternity if they don't watch it, too! That was a horrible influence on a little red minkey. I put Stella's bra in the freezer for that one. She'll pull it out from under her blouse if she gets tired of it. That was a mistake with me nearby, though. heh heh. There's a video of her actually doing that at work. Told you she was wild!!

Next place we went was Cozumel, Mexico. There, Stella and Dana went on a 65' catamarand for a beach party and snorkeling. Then Paula went and actually walked on the bottom of the ocean 20 feet down! There were no helmets the size for a little red monkey, so I got left out of that and sniffled all day on the bed with my friend the towel monkey. He's a good friend to have, cos he can dry your tears.

Back on the ship, I danced with one of the cruise directors, I got to sing in my Yoko Ono voice using the sound equipment on the ship's stage, they took me for some really nice meals where everyone wanted to meet me and have their pictures taken with me .... and I even played a piano!

They let me gamble on the slot machines, and on one of them, I think it was a banana that came up and threw me into a tizzy, cos you can tell there was some real Minkster action goin' on in some of those photos!

Then of course, we hit every bar we passed and every store that had a drop of booze in it. These women are (sort of) lushes! HeeeeeeeHeeeeeee! Just look at the slide show to see the Minkster ain't lyin' cos they have a drink in their hand in just about every picture. hehe WAY tee many martoonies on this trip ... even for me. The Mink likes to at least remember where he's been!

I had a slumber party every nite in our rooms where I felt really pampered and special (look at the slideshow for those pics too). And one of the cruise employees made a towell toy again for me to ride (I get those on every trip). I may be getting jaded on the towell animals. Minkey is getting to be a very sophisticated traveler.

Next trip is exotic Singapore! I went with one of the techie guys she works with, and he was working there most of the time, so he didn't take many pictures of me, but that's ok. Minkey Mama will fix that. She's waiting to get those pics digitally before she does that one (HINT, HINT, JEFF!), so y'all try to be patient. I know it's hard when you're waiting on anything to do with the Mink! hehe

Check Y'all Later!

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