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Friday, December 5, 2008


This place was full of action! Click on the title of the post (**above) to see the full slideshow with comments.

This was the most amazing place imaginable as you can see by just the few pics above. The rest of the pictures are in the slideshow that you can view by clicking on the title of this post**.

There were cars flying off buildings, a whole town that was on fire all around us, dinosaurs running after me, pirates threatening me with their huge swords, etc. And then I went on a terrifying rollacoaster type ride in Jurasic Park. Ellen really outdid herself here on putting me in life-threatening danger everywhere I turned. Congrats, Ellen. Have a drink on the Mink!

Then I had my picture taken with Marilyn Monroe, Matt Damon, The Hulk, Bart Simpson, the shark from Jaws, the Access Hollywood stars, some astronauts, etc., and then one of Shrek and his lady holding me between them by my hands, and one of me and my bud, Curious George. Maybe that'll make me famous since Paramount wouldn't hire me and I didn't get to sing at Capitol Records.

If you've never been to this place and you have kids or a monkey like me, you gotta go!! It's one of the most fun places I ever went in my life.

And believe it or not, that's STILL not the end of this trip! See the next post for the rest of Universal Studios at the Santa Monica Pier. WhooooooHooooooooo! Great finale to this amazing trip the Mink was very priviledged to go on!

Check ya later with my next trip,

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