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Thursday, July 17, 2008

"The Mink" - Turtle Bay Resort
... North Shore, Oahu Hawaii

If you think this incredible place is as gorgeous as I do, just click here for some of the best rates on the net for a discounted trip:
This was our last day, and it was a perfect way to end our trip in Paradise. We finished seeing the Dole Pineapple Plantation (schroll down to the last post to see the pics from that trip), and then we went to the most beautiful place I've ever seen. It took what little breath I have in this tiny 12" minkey body completely away.

It was called Turtle Bay Resort, and it's on the North Shore of Hawaii in Kahuku Oahu. The North Shore and Turtle Bay Resort is said to be the one place that is "true Hawaii". This is another post where Minkey Mama said I could have more pictures so I could share it with all my fans, so I hope you enjoy the pictures.

After we soaked in the beach and resort and views so beautiful I almost fainted again, we were pretty hungry. There was this little truck there (see pics above) that the people raise their own shrimp, so their shrimp is the freshest of the fresh, and we CHOWED DOWN! Man-oh-man that was good eatin'! It sent chills down my spine and made my hair frizz out it was so good! Oh .... I forgot .... my hair was frizzed out BEFORE I ate the shrimp. heh heh.

ANYway, my last day in Paradise could not have been more perfect. I'm writing to every monkey on the face of the earth to tell them to come here!

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