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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Snorkeling at Waikiki - Yeah!

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We went to Waikiki Beach today to rest and do a little snorkeling. I was so excited, I was swinging from everything in sight at the lobby of our hotel and every tree on the beach!

First thing we did was go on a big boat out where all the pretty fishies are. If you look really close at the pics above, you'll see my snorkeling debut. They didn't have any Minkey-sized snorkels, so Ellen put me in a baggie (you can see that in the tiny corner of the picture up there although Ellen almost completely missed getting the subject (moi) in the picture. I think maybe she needs photography lessons!

I thought maybe I could attract some little Hawaiian girls with big kahunas, being all sophisticated and sporty and all, but being inside a baggie just didn't do it for them I guess. Maybe it was when I started gasping for air when Ellen sealed the bag that sent them swimming away. Oh, well. At least she floated the bag on the water long enough for me to see. So I don't care what anyone says, in my world ... I officially went snorkeling!!

After snorkeling and riding in the boat in the sun, we were pretty tired, so me and Ellen took a swim. You can see another one of the girls in the background swimming away -- just like I said -- so I'm whispering in Ellen's ear, "Why did you humiliate me like that? You shoulda known I couldn't be a sex-symbol when I'm zipped up in a baggie!! Common sense, girl! Ye gads and little fishes. :(

Then I was all tuckered out and went over t0 talk to Jeff, and we both ended up falling asleep right there on the beach. We both got burned, too. I never had a sunburn before. Have you ever tried getting a sunburn peel out of fur? It wasn't a pretty sight. I had all those little white dingle berries hanging all over my beautiful red coat for 2 whole days!

After, we just went back and hung out and listened to some tunes and then went to bed so we could get ready for our next big day.

Don't forget to check that one out, too!

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