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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Minkey in the Arkansas Mountains: Hatfield & McCoy Land!


As always -- don't forget the slideshow ... Just click on the title above.

This was an action-packed trip, so be sure to not miss the slideshow and the silly comments I wrote on it!

Wanda, a co-worker from Minkey Mama's office, took me with her to Arkansas where the Hatfields and McCoys did all their feudin' to ride some ATV's (4-wheelers!) The best part of this trip was riding around in the mountains on these wild and fun little cars. They really were almost like miniature cars, but the way they fly around everywhere, you'd think they were airplanes!

I wanted them to let me drive, but Minkey Mama told Wandie about the time I drove the tractor in North Carolina on the farm, and I mowed some people and a couple of cows, so Wandie was mean to me and wouldn't let me drive.

We went there with some friends of hers and they were all really nice to me, but I didn't know what to think of the guys that were there. I think you call them "Red Necks", cos they were wilder than a couple of March Hares, and they flew all over in the rushing river in those ATV's splashing water and mud everywhere! When they came back, they looked like a couple of mud puppies! lol I thought maybe their elevators didn't go all the way up because they weren't the sharpest knives in the drawer riding in water going that fast.

And they drank a bunch of beer and didn't give me any, so I wasn't too happy about that! Then they BURPED really loud. That's when I knew for sure they were red necks!! hehe "Let er Rip ... Potato Chip!"

Then Wandie was driving ours, and let me tell you .... what they say about women drivers ain't no lie! Geeeeeeeeeez. I was hanging on for dear life and getting flipped and jerked around everywhere. I even flew out of the thing once, she got so crazy and out of control. And what I couldn't believe is that they knew what a bad driver she was, cause THEY had on helmets. But did they give the Mink one? Noooooooo. And I'm the one that fell out! Call 911 and the SPCA!!

It was a real pretty place, and Wandie took 10 kazillion pictures. Women do that too, you know. I think she took a picture of every rock and every bush on the mountain!

It was a long ride to Arkansas, so that was fun, too cos I love road trips. I'm gonna get to go again soon with Minkey Mama back to Arkansas, but this time to the Ozark Fall Foliage Railroad Tour and to see a little historic town called Van Buren. Then we're going to Missouri to see the famous Missouri Botanical Garden, that humongous McDonald's arch in St. Louis, and to another little town called St. Charles in Missouri.

Anyway, it'll be a very long road trip, and it's coming up in two weeks, so I have to go and pack now.

C-ya .... wouldn't want to B-ya! hehe
"The Minkster"