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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Minkey Visits Beautiful Scotland
For the Second Time!

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Yeah!!! The Mink got to go to Scotland again with his friend, Fiona, who is herself a Scottish lassie। Can't get more authentic than that! The last time we went, she took me to Loch Ness, and there's a picture of me in the slideshow (click title above) where we're at that lake, and I think Nessie is in the background waiting to grab the Minkster। Ye Gads and little fishies!

Next time out, we went into the heart of Edinburgh and to a little seaside town called Crammond. You can see that on the slideshow, too. It used to be an oyster fishing village, but I guess the oysters moved off some place else, so now it's just a pretty place to go with 15th and 16th century buildings. They think it was a Roman port, too. Ooooo. Pretty cool stuff.

Edinburgh is an awesome looking place. People have been there since 5000bc. I think that means there were no minkies on the earth yet. Lots of people come to see it every year for the history, and just because it's so beautiful. We saw Rosslyn Chapel there too. They made a show called the DaVinci Code in it, and there's a tour there where they look for the Holy Grail, so it's famous, too. If they ever find the grail, I bet they turn into skeletons and their hair falls out like on Indiana Jones.

We saw the Queen's Palace there, and there's a really cool road leading up to it called The Royal Mile. There's lots of cool shops and pubs in that area, so the Mink was really ready to go down that street, that's for sure. Scottish Whiskey here I come! WhoooooHoooooo! You can see one of the most famous pubs at the top of this page with flowers all over it, and a few on the slideshow too, so don't miss it!

Fiona seemed like such a sweet, gentle lady .... NOT!!! Check out the picture up above, and you'll see she IMPALED the Mink on the gates of the Queen's palace And it really hurt to have that metal point up my rear. Right in front of God, the Queen, and all those people, too! Some people will do anything for a picture. Sniff....sniff....Waaaaaa!

And hey ... that's just the tip of the iceburg! Next, we went on a bus shopping, and FIONA LEFT THE MINK AT THE STORE!! Can you EVEN believe that? I almost became a permanent resident of Scotland, and Fiona almost fainted she was so scared that someone would steal me and she'd be in HUGE trouble with Minkey Mama. But at least she called there and went back, and I was safe and sound with the owner.

When it first happened, I started hollering real loud, "Fiona --- Fi-oooooh-na?" And after several times she didn't answer, I threw myself on the floor and just cried and cried. The manager felt sorry for me, so he took me up to the front counter to see if she'd come back for me. Then FINALLY, after letting the Mink suffer for a long, long time, she came in and took me back on the bus to her family's house. I was all ragged out from being so upset. That cost her several bananas, I'll tell you for sure.

Well, thaaaat's all, folks! I hope you enjoyed experiencing Scotland with Fiona and the Mink!

See you soon in Cabo San Lucas! ( I went there with a lady named Debbie, and her husband on the Labor Day holiday .... Yeah Buddy!)
Kissy, Kissy!