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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Mink Travels to Singapore!

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SINGAPORE ..... WOW!!!!!
I've been so excited about this trip, Minkey Mama had to put me in my travelling crate to calm me down several nights in a row.

One of the techies at her company took me on a business trip with him (I think they also might be called "Geeks"). Oppsey ... calling him a Geek may cost me a trip, but not the one to Singapore. It's too late! I've already been there, heh, heh.

I thought I was going to meet all the people from the company's Singapore office. But oh, noooooooooo. I think Jeff was ashamed of me because he kept me locked up in his room several nights, which made the Mink very angry. Hey Jeff, you should check a few of your shirts for holes at the bottom seam.
HeeeeeeHeeeeeee! Can I help it if I was bored in the room while you were out galavanting around all Singapore without me all day and night?

Anyway, FINALLY, he took me out on the town with him (even though it may have been on the way to the airport on his way out), and we went and rode the tallest ferris wheel in the whole wide world!! The Mink went CRAZY!! It was soooooooooo fun and soooooooooooo high. Higher than any tree could possibly go. It had little cars on it that were closed in glass, or I might have risen to the challenge to climb to the top of it. I think Jeff probably would have let me do it too, because he was pretty oblivious to where I was most of the time. Just like a guy.

Sorry Jeff, I don't mean to be an evil little red monkey, but I rag on everyone I travel with soon or later. Just can't help myself. I think it's one of those obsessive compulsive thangs. hehe

Oh yeah, speaking of raggin' on you ..... I noticed there were like at least THREE pics of a waitress in there. I think maybe Jeff thought she was really pretty since there were so many pics of her. Maybe he had a little bit of a crush on her. lol

 I was jealous of her in one pic, cos she was in the mall getting on one of those 2-wheel stand-up riding thingys that look like dollys. I think they're called Segways, and the Minkster wanted to drive one, but I didn't get to do that either.

Whatever you do, don't miss the slide show on this one. This is a very hip, trendy, and colorful town. And at night, the lights here are BEAUTIFUL. Even their food is really pretty and colorful. Some of it the Minkster wouldn't know what to do with, but it was pretty anyway! There are these giant spikey green thangs on a stick that smelled kind of like feet and the Mink screamed every time those were around cos he thought Jeff would make him eat one.

Minkey has to go now. He's got to get ready to go to Ottawa, Canada.

Check in later for more posts. Hope you enjoy the gorgeous pics on this one!

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