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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

_________________________________ Minkey in Austin and Salado:
Texas Hill Country with
Peeps - Colene and Lisa

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SaladoCreek#5271 StagecoachInn#5261
This is where the Mink's roots are, so I loved this trip to Texas Hill Country with one of my most favoritest peeps, Colene. The first pic of me at the top here is the fabulous Minkster in a field of Bluebonnets, the Texas state flower. Minkey Mama liked this one so much she gave all my travel buds at work a pic for their desks. Now I'm just everywhere up there! hehehe

We went to visit her friend Lisa, her 2 dogs, Sam & Louie, and her cat Ziggy.  We even went to Saledo, the town where the Minkster was born!  The last pic up there is the Old Stagecoach Inn in Saledo - one of the coolest places to go and eat in Texas.

Lisa has a very comfy homey little house in the hills of Austin that was SO cool.  Tons of trees and big rocks.   WhooooHoooo!  Minkey Gone Wild!  I was flyin all over that place. Yipeeee! Fun! Lisa and Colene had to chase me down and Colene put me in her purse til we got away from there when we needed to go somewhere.  Blaaaaaah.

We went to a park in Austin dedicated to Lady Bird Johnson, and it was pretty cool.  It had some torture tools in it, though.   If you look at Lisa and Colene, they look all sweet and innocent.  NOT!!!   Take a look at the slide show to this post and you'll see me with cactus up my ass, me on a giant scorpion's tail -- right on the stinger.  I was planning to go bite Colene's ankle if I ever got off that thang, but I figured I better not since she's Minky Mama's boss. 

 One more WAY COOL thing at the park .... one of my FANS ran up and said, "I know him -- that's the Mink, and I read his blog!!"    Ohhhhh .... I'm famous.  I think I'm going to faint.

 We went into town, too.  To Elvis Presley Blvd., to a really pretty historic house in Austin (the pic of that is above), and we went on a Peeps Day Out to a spa.  I had a new friend with me from Lisa's house, and he was really nice.  He was really short .... actually, he was a head with feet!   HeeeeeeeeHeeeeeeeee!  But I liked him, and we hung out in town.   They put little towells on our heads for our day at the spa.

Then Colene had to get ONE MORE incident of Minkey abuse in -- she had that facial girl put a HUGE blob of hot blue wax on the Mink's face and I was terrified it was going to grow and take me over like in that movie, The Blob.   Oooooooo.   I was really scared.

That's about it.  It was a short trip, but a really fun one.

My next post is going to be on my trip to Scotland with my friend, Fiona.  She's a Scot herself and this was my second time she took me there.   DON'T MISS IT -- THERE'S SOME GREAT PICS, and one of the Mink in a KILT!!  hehe

Later, Gators!