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Monday, January 28, 2008

Galveston Trip with the Cheer Power National Champions! WhoooooHoooooooo!

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This was a very exciting trip for me, because I got to be with some of the First Place Winners and Champions of CHEER POWER NATIONALS in Galveston, Texas!! Yipeeeeeee! Lots of cute little cheerleaders and a second trip with my buds Kristie, Xayden, Taje' and Nevaeh. My first trip with them was to Disneyworld, but the picture part of that trip got messed up, so I didn't put it in my blog. Oh well, at least I got to see Mickey Mouse.

We went last weekend (January 15-16th), and it was another road trip. I wanted to swim in the ocean, but it was WAY too cold. Brrrrrrrrrr. They did take me to the beach, so that was fun. I got to climb all over this Humongous lady statue and spend some time with my friend Xayden. He asked his mom if he could keep me! YIKES! That would have been my third time to be kidnapped. My mom would never give me away because I'm much too special and famous.

The Cheer Power Nationals RULED. I got to see my cute little buds Taje' and Nevaeh at their finest. What fireballs! The Energizer Bunny ain't got nothin' on them. In one of the pictures of Taje' (SEE THE SLIDE SHOW BY DOUBLE-CLICKING ON THE TITLE OF THIS POST), she's wearing the very coveted and amazingly fly jacket she won. In that picture, she also has a very "fly" monkey on her back. hehehe! Can you guess what monkey? It's me!

Everything was really awesome except for the usual adventurous and scary moment -- Xayden wanted to take me on some huge boulders for a pic so it looked like we were standing on the ocean. H-e-l-l-l-p! Thank goodness his mom was there and wouldn't let him, or I might be swimmin' with the fishes right now and wearing some of those special lead shoes. Also, I didn't get to drink any of my favorite concoctions this time because these people were very nice and didn't go to any bars. The way Taje' flipped around, I thought maybe she'd had one! The only regret of the trip .... sniff...sniff. That's ok though, because I'm going snow-boarding soon and I betcha I'll get a hot tody on that trip with my new friend Em and her boyfriend!

Stay tuned, because I just got back from a resort in Mexico with a gorgeous friend of my mom's -- Emily -- not long ago and my mom will be putting those pictures up soon.