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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Travel - Washington, DC

"Welcome to Ronald Reagan International Airport"

Everything was going along normally ... with people finding me all over the office; in their chairs, using their computers, in their file drawers with other peoples' office animals, in the boss' office, etc.

Then it happened again. My mom walked in and once again --- gone! But this time was different. There was no ransom note and no sign at all of me anywhere. She just thought someone was pranking her again, but day after day went by ... and no "Minkey"! Her team mate was out of town, but it never occurred to her he had anything to do with my disappearance.

Then, finally his vacation was over, and he walked in and handed my mom some pictures. I had been to Washington, DC to the Presidential Inauguration! Her team mate's wife worked for the Bush administration, and they were invited to the celebration, so there began my first trip. My mom was so excited, she hugged her partner and then took a look at the pictures. One was of me sitting on a bench in front of the Washington Monument, and I was all smug looking with a black top hat and my legs crossed.

There were several pictures of me around DC, and then another my mom really liked. I had gone to a very chic Georgetown restaurant with my new found friends. The waiter spotted me and fell under my spell. So he asked to be photographed with me. The picture was of me sitting at a very formal and sophisticated looking table with the waiter showing me the menu! Talk about cocky!! I could hardly get through the door my head got so big. Who woulda known?

All the way from a humble toy store in Saledo, Texas to the President's Celebration!

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