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Monday, July 7, 2008

On to Waikiki & Kualoa Ranch!

(click on the title above for a great slideshow!)

I was so excited about Ellen taking me to Hawaii, I wanted to hang on the wing of the plane on the way over so I wouldn't miss a thing. But Ellen made me ride inside. I told her I was used to hanging on things and my hair getting all wind-blown, but she wouldn't listen. Phooey!

One of the first places we went when we arrived was downtown Waikiki. It was night time, so it looked really pretty with all the lights and chi-chi places. Ellen and Kathy bought me a gorgeous lai there just my size! And I got to have several pictures made with me and my new bud, Jeff. He's really a nice guy and is super sweet to Ellen. Anyway, it was so bright there, I was still seeing lights and pinwheels in my eyes 3 hours after we got back to the hotel. Mercy!

Check out the slideshow by clicking the title above so you can see all the snooty-falooty places I saw and had my pic made at: Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada and Tiffany were a few. I wanted to get a new pair of Ferragamo shoes, but Ellen wouldn't spring for the bucks. She had the lame excuse that they didn't have any in my size, and that I wouldn't be able to climb trees anymore if I had shoes on. Yeah, right.

Planet Hollywood and The Cheesecake Factory were there, too, only they were a lot fancier than any place else I'd ever seen. I wanted some banana cheesecake, but they didn't have any, so they were pretty useless.

Then me and Kathy had our pic taken in front of Tiffany's and she was actually snuggling me there. Yeah! There was only one downer about the nite, and that was when Ellen made Kathy take a pic with me in front of some torches, and it looked like Kathy's eyes were going to roll all the way back in her head (Don't hold back, Kathy). I don't think she wanted to be with me right then, so I cried for 2 whole hours when we got home. Sniff....sniff....Waaaah!
Next day we went by the Polynesian Cultural Center, The Kuolua Sugar Mill, the Kualoa Ranch and Waikiki Beach, and Ellen took some awesome pics of me in front of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Hawaiian volcanoes. One of em looked like a giant cone or maybe dinosaur poop or something. I couldn't tell. I'm just happy Ellen didn't want to take my picture sitting on the edge of an active volcano. She does things like that, you know. It was really windy in some of those places and as you can see by my hair, I got pretty ragged out. It's ok. It was worth it.

We were exhausted, so we had to go home and get some rest before our next big day in Paradise!

There was some Hawaiian Goddess Statue there that Ellen's daughter, Kathy sat down on with me to take our pics, and I liked that a whole bunch. Kathy is beautiful, and she had to hold me close in order to get our pictures taken. Whooo Hooo! I pretended we were getting married and that was the High Priestess of Hawaii we were sitting on.

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