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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Minkey at Daddy's Birthday
Star Trek Convention - Las Vegas

(click on the title above for a great slideshow!)

This was a WILD night! Par-tee Down, Mink!! Whatever you do, don't miss the slideshow on this one. The first pic of the show, I'm hangin around on an actual HAIRY tree! I never saw one of those before. And later, some of those characters I had my picture made with were the weirdest, scariest creatures I ever laid eyes on! Here's just a few of them: A Romulan woman and man ... some of the ugliest people I've ever seen -- especially the woman (woof!); Captain Kirk and me sitting on one of those little fuzzy "Tribbles" from Star Trek. I was happy that thang didn't bite seeing as how I was sittin' on him, 'cos you know where he woulda bit me!

Then there was Elvis and me at the Hard Rock Hotel (note our profiles -- how much we look like each other); an "M-13" creature called the Salt Vampire (check out his terrifying sucky mouth with saw teeth!), and a guy named "Gorn" who looked like the creature from the black lagoon. I had nightmares that night and woke up screaming and biting my tail several times over those things.

The only thing that saved me is that I got to calm down a little afterwards with a little Romulan ale. Trust the "Mink" to find the happy juice in any situation! You'll notice too, that I found a slot machine and did a little gambling while I was there. I got into Ellen's purse when she wasn't looking and got me some coins. Some of those machines have pictures with fruit, so I guess that means if I would have won, I could have won some bananas. That would've been sweet.

Finally, we partied ourselves out and had to go home to get some sleep, because the next day was .... HAWAII!!! Whoooopeeee!!! FINALLY.

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