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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Diamond Head-Honolulu Zoo
Waikiki Beach-North Shore

(click on the title above for the slideshow)

This place is why they call Hawaii Paradise! It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen, so I talked Minkey Mama into letting me put more pics on my post of it.

It was also a super fun day, because I got to go visit some cousins at the Honolulu Zoo (see the full slide show to see them), get my pic taken with some of the most colorful flowers you can imagine (and they showed off my beautiful red mane perfectly, of course), and I had a little excitement, too.

If you look close at the pictures above, you'll see me and Kathy sitting on a giraffe. COOL. And then we went to see the turtles. I thought, "Oh, big deal. They're slow and can't do anything to me". WRONG. Ellen put me in with them (good ole Ellen strikes again), and those things were Huge.

You can see in the picture above they weren't all that laid back. Ellen was suggesting I pose on it, and she pissed off the ugly old hunk of shell or whatever the heck that suit of armor it has on is. I started running in terror and it took off after me ... all 400 pounds of it and at a pretty fast clip of about 1 mile per 3 hours. I was tired from the day before, and it was actually gaining on me! Yikes!!!! Have you seen their scary mouths? It coulda bit me in two!

Then we went to see some scenery, and Ellen posed me on a ledge about 2 or 3 miles over the ocean and jungle. Then there was the highest staircase I ever saw and Jeff took me piggy back down and back up that. He's gotta be pretty buff to climb all those stairs. I'm a monkey and I couldn't have done it!

Then we went to the beach, which I always love, and I got to be around Kathy a lot there. So that was a perfect end to our day there!
Don't go away yet, because tomorrow it's off to the USS Arizona and a few other military memorials and the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Yipee!!!!
See ya there,

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