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Friday, October 22, 2010

Minkey Goes Fishing in Canada

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Don't forget to watch the slideshow. Just click on the title above to see this beautiful and remote part of Canada very few people have ever seen.


Hey Everybody! Sorry it's taken so long to get this blog up. It's Minkey Mama's fault. She wouldn't get the lead out .. and wouldn't even let me type it in!! She said little minkies couldn't type or spell right. WITCH. She's being mean to me, so some of y'all need to call the SPCA and get some help for me.

ANYway, this really nice and cool guy from work over the Techies there -- Kent -- took me with him on a fishing trip with him and 8 other guys. I don't know their names cos Kent wasn't very nice to me and didn't introduce me to them, but one of them was his brother. He's the one in the slideshow that caught the "dinky" little fish and was posing with it and acting all proud like it was an 8' sailfish. HeeeeeHeeeee!

Kent said this girl who kind of ran things at the main "depot" there where the trip started, was 'more of a man that he was'! I was curious to see her then, so she's now in the slideshow pics.  She was little and blonde and very pretty, so I wasn't sure if he was tellin' the Mink a big ole white one or what. He said she trapped tons of beavers, skinned em, ran trot lines, and all that manly man stuff.

WOW!!! A chick that's pretty and who does man things too? Minkey was impressed. I did stay well away from her though, cos I was scared she might skin little red minkies, too!! YIKES!!

MY trip didn't start right away, cos Kent left me in the stupid, smelly fishing box with all the worms and scary sharp hooks and all that. The Minkster was FURIOUS when he finally took me out, and when he wasn't looking, I put some of those worms in his shorts and stuff. Hope you enjoyed those slimy little disgusting things wiggling around in there, Kent. LOL! LOL!~

When I settled down, I went with em in the boat and Kent let me drive it to help calm me down. It was a little boat, so this time I didn't hit anything like I've done before. In Cabo where I went with my girl Debbie Gibby, I took out a couple of boulders near the shore. Oppsey. Who knew a little monkey could change the landscape of Cabo San Lucas? LMAO!

One of the guys at the cabin who stayed there a lot, built some of THE coolest stuff! And all those things are in the slideshow you can see by clicking in the title area above. He built a boat (altho I think he messed that one up cos it had holes in it and water was coming up in the bottom).

He also built a log lamp and bench outside, a desk, and tons of other stuff. He had the coolest chandelier the Minkey had ever seen. It was wood, but looked like Antler's horns! I swung all over that thang when everyone was asleep. Hehe


Here is some more background on the trip from Kent himself sent to Minkey Mama:

"Hey Sharon,
Your little buddy Minky and 9 other guys flew to International Falls, MN and crossed the border into Canada from there. We had to smuggle him in because he evidently did not have his passport with him. We told him to bring it, but obviously his listening skills need improvement. (That wasn't nice ... Bite me, Kent!).

Although I will say he has excellent grooming skills. (You're forgiven now, I guess).

Well, as luck would have it, our car was pulled over for a vehicle inspection at the border. I was certain they were going to discover him hiding under the seat. Soon enough, we had a German Shepherd sniffing around. I was sure the dog would sniff him out, but he was suddenly distracted by the car next to us and started barking uncontrollably.

Border patrol quickly surrounded the car and in a detailed search uncovered a sizable stash of cocaine being smuggled into the country.
The agents were so caught up in the chaos that ensued, we just drove away. Whew! (Sounds like I almost got eaten by a German Shepherd ... Ye Gads and Little Fishes!).

From there, we drove to what is considered Northwest Ontario or the “North Woods”. We stopped at Nestor Falls at a fishing lodge called “Tinker’s. (That's where the pretty girl was so the Mink got to see her).

From there we boarded something like a 1949 Beaver float plane (pic included in the slideshow) and flew to Lake Kairiskons which is the only way in and out. We spent a week fishing for Northern Pike, Walleye, and Smallmouth Bass. Fishing was great, and weather was great.

I probably would have taken more pictures of Minky, but I m afraid you didn’t tell me everything I needed to know about travelling with this little guy (that's right, Kent, blame Minkey Mama for everything! Turkey!!).

Apparently, he seems to be a bit of a “Lush”! (Hey!! I represent that remark!). He spent a great deal of time drinking our beer and several times I caught him sneaking a drink of our Crown Royal. Pictures would have only embarrassed him further (Yeah, whatEVER).

But he was funny. As a matter of fact, he has been invited back next time. If he decides to join in, he needs to bring “beer money” and I promise more pics. (See, he won't even share his beer unless MINKEY PAYS HIS OWN WAY!! I'm appalled because my little body doesn't hold THAT much hooch!).



Okay ... the Mink is back now to say bye-bye. Even though Kent did a few things that ruffled the Mink's fur, he is still a very nice and fun guy, so I've forgiven him and will go with him there again ... prob next year ... AS LONG AS he doesn't lock me in the fishing box again.
Allright .. everybody take it easy, and don't get arrested or anything so you'll be around for my next post!


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