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Friday, November 6, 2009

Minkey Does Cabo San Lucas

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Here I am in Cabo San Lucas .... Finally! I went there once with another very pretty lady, Missi, but she lost her camera in the ocean, so no pics for that trip.

This time I went with some major party animals. Debbie Gibby, her husband, and some of their friends. Whooooooo Hooooooooo! Party Down, Mink! We hung out a lot at the beach and went boating, and my new peep, Debbie, let me have anything to drink I wanted. My kind of girl!

When we went out in the boat, Debbie and her husband let me drive the boat. Wow, that was SO much fun!!! I only hit a couple of those rock formations and a few people who were stupid enough to swim out too far, but other than that, the Mink was a natural-born Skipper!

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Back to the trip ..... we went shopping one day, and one of Debbie's friends bought me a beautiful new black sombrero. It was all sparkly like monkeys like, and fit me like a glove. It definitely gave the Minkster "Star Quality". I may get a call from Paramount when I get home I looked so cool. Got lots of looks from the Chicas, too! hehe

Some of the locals tried to kidnap me by asking Debbie if they could "hold me". They were trying to grab over the fence in the shopping area and the Minkster started crying it scared him so much and he had to have one of those umbrella drinks to recover.

I took siestas regularly there; I think because Debbie let the Minkster have a lot of cocktails. Maybe I was unconscious. Who knows ... or cares? Whatever it was, it was blissful. That's the way to live! I wanted to go home with Debbie, but she said Minkey Mama would be upset if I did, so she took me back. Oh well, maybe Debbie will take me on another trip in the future.

See you on the next trip! :)
The Minkster