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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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This was one crazy trip! The Minkster went with one of his most favoritest girls, Dana, to the Texas Hill Country and what we in Texas call Germantown to meet up with a group of high school classmates that haven't been together for 30 years! We rode with Paige (also one of the school mates) and her dog Emma so the Minkster would have some animal company. We were going to celebrate Sharon Jasper's birthday. She's one of Dana's buds and she's really sweet and pretty.

We stayed at the family home of Mike Johnson and it was one of Minkey's fav places cos it was all cozy like a cottage in the woods with a ton of HUGE trees. It was a bed and breakfast, Dana called it.

ANYway, all the girlies fawned all over me and held me and wanted to pose with me. Two of em that had several pics made with me were Rachel Broussard (a Cajun friend of Sharon's from Louisiana) and Sharon (the birthday girl) WhoooooHooooooo! The Minkster liked that a lot.

I even got to party with em and hang from a guitar when one of the guys was singin' and playin'. His name was Cody Jasper (Sharon Jasper's nephew), and he may be going on a gig soon to back up the famous band Boston! Don't forget .... you can't miss these pics in the slideshow!! Set it where you can read my comments on the pics, too, or you'll miss some of the fun.

We went to New Braunfels and Gruene, two of the most well-known German towns in Texas. New Braunfels is known as one of the best places to go toooooobin, and boy, is it ever. WAY cool place. On the way there, you'll see German bakeries, restaurants, sausage factories, beer halls, and some of the coolest little towns you'll ever see.

Gruene is built right on the Guadalupe river, and Minkey Mama and me used to go to the Grist Mill there with her family just about every year. It's really an old mill and a great place to get steaks and eat outside above the river. The town is pretty awesome, too. It has a really old bar and dancehall/theater, and lots of famous people, especially C&W bands, have performed there, including John Travolta (he did "Michael" where he played an angel).

Then we all headed for the Comal River where this huge gang of wild and crazy people jumped in the water with their big ole toobs and floated down the river with some beer coolers. Minkey got to ride in the beer cooler part of the way, but they took me out cos it was pretty obvious all the beer would be gone if the Minkster stayed there very long! Bahhhhh Humbug. They found me out. Hmmmmmmm. That's ok. The Mink knows lots of sneaky ways to get at the hooch!

I did get pretty trashed before the trip was over, so maybe they had something there. (You need to look at the slideshow so you can see all the junk Minkey was FORCED to take into his innocent little body). Example: they gave me jello, and I thought it was just childrens' lime jell in a little cup. WRONG!!!! It was jello 'shots' and I got so wasted, I ended up with my head in the toilet that whole night!! BAD humans. Exploiting such an innocent little red monkey like that.

And then when I was ripped, some of them posed me in some not very nice positions. SHAME. I think the ones doing that were Karl and Cat. They're probably the two wildest ones in the group! Karl is really funny and I liked him a lot even though he did take advantage of the Minkster at his most vulnerable. Snifff....snifff......Waaaaaaa!

All in all, though it was good times, and I was glad to meet so many of Dana's friends all in one place. Hopefully, I'll get to go and hang out with them again sometime in the future.

Gotta run now and get all packed up for my next trip. I'm going to Canada on a fishing trip with one of the guys who takes care of all the techy equipment at work. His name is Kent, and he's a really nice and fun guy, so the Minkster can't wait!! I already got my fishin' pole and hat bought and ready to go!
See y'all later with all the details.


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