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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mexico Cruise with "Minkey"

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It wasn't long before I was invited on another trip ... a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. It was here that my BAD MINKEY side really started coming out. I was really having a great time and thought I was getting away with a few things, but my new friend caught me in some pics not only gambling on the ship, but also in my newly found activity -- drinking a colorful concoction called a "cocktail". It had some pretty umbrellas in it and made me want to swing from every chandelier in the bar! Whoooooo Hoooooo!

Then I went on the deck with my friend, and I guess she had heard about how adventurous and brave I am, because she put me in a life preserver hanging right over the ocean!
YIKES!! That was the first time in my travels that I had been close to the jaws of death!

Before we came back to the office, I was at my mom's friend's house and she had a dog. It was called a Dachshund. I didn't know what a dog was until then, and I hope I don't meet any more of them. It was dinner time for the little scoundrel, and I was put a little too near his food dish. Some of the pictures that came back were terrifying!
They brought back all the trauma of that horrible moment. That killer weiner dog tried to tear me from limb to limb! I have several pictures of me in his mouth to prove it. I'll never go to those people's house again.

With Restraint,


  1. Well, Minkey, it sure sounds like you're having a great time seeing the world! Watch out for those weiner dogs, they may be short but they've got a bite to 'em!

    Would you like to go to Las Cruces, NM over the Thanksgiving weekend? I'm going to visit my family and they would enjoy meeting you!

    Robin Z

  2. Oh, yes, pleeeze Robin! I would love meeting your family too, and I've never been to New Mexico so that would be the bomb! Do they have bananas there? Or perhaps Banana Daquiris?

  3. MINKEY MINK MINK, must be nice, you have been more places than i have. Tell me which places have the best ladies? Because i know you been checking them out. Anyway enjoy your trips.

    Torey SI

  4. Hey ya, Torey,

    Oh yeah ... I keep my little eyes peeled all the time for those cheeky little girl minkeys. I guess California is the best place yet for meetin'em, because I came back from there with a baby sock monkey! HeeeeeeHeeeeeeeeee!

    Peace out, man


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