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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fabulous "Mink"
In Rhode Island-Boston-Connecticutt

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This was the coolest, most laid-back trip I've had in a while. Usually, I'm so busy, I don't get to know the people I travel with very much. But this was different.

I went to Boston and mostly, Rhode Island with one of Minkey Mama's friends from work, Stella. We were invited by Stella's friend, Liz and her husband, Michael. I was very excited, because I've never been to the northeast coast of the United States, and never seen the ocean from up there, either.

It was kinda like a 'camp-out' because there was a blow-up bed (no - not a blow-up girl) in their basement, and that's where me and Stella slept. It had the coolest cover on it - a HUGE purple and gold Minnesota Vikings blankie. That was because Stella's friend's hubby is a major Viking fan.

Anyway, first thing I did was plop down on my bed to try it out (you can see the picture above). See how my beautiful red fur looks with that purple and gold? WhoooooHoooooooo! I am ONE fine minkey. All that was missing was a fine little white fur minkey chica to keep me company.

We felt really special down there because that was not your normal basement -- that's for sure. We had a big screen TV down there and lots of cd's, video games, etc. All we did was PLAY-PLAY-PLAY!! And being a wild little Minkey, that's what I do best, so it was right up my alley or right up my palm tree, whichever shoe fits.

My very favorite toy there was Guitar hero. I never knew what that was, but I got to feel like a real rock star! A real ROCKIN MINKEY. Move over, Justin Timberlake! hehehe If you saw my Vegas trip pics, you probably saw me in front of the biggest guitar known to man! That was really cool, and then even cooler - I had my pic taken with a life-size Elvis. I think our profiles looked a lot a like in one of the pictures, don't you?

That night after arriving and checking out my new bed - I got out the Rhode Island travel book to see where all we were planning on going while we were there. What a COOL place that is, too!

The next morning, I had coffee and read the Rhode Island Newspaper, just like a grown up human. I felt very smug doing that, even though I don't know how to read. But they didn't know that, lol.

Before we even went anywhere that day, I spotted the hooch. Yeeee Haaaa! So of course, since I was far away from Minkey Mama, I started having a few toddys and wanted to try out the Guitar Hero for the first time before we left. The pictures they took were a little fuzzy, and honey, it ain't because I"M fuzzy.

Stella and her friend's hubby (and moi of course) got just a tad ripped. They said the pictures just got blurred, but that's just a load of hooey. And they got me all buzzed, too. Hmmmm. Wonder what the SPCA would think of people getting a poor, innocent little primate drunk as a skunk? Now I have something to hold over Stella's head whenever I want something.

Then we went to the beach in the coolest ittle red sports car you ever saw. They were going to take pics of me driving it before we left there, but the morning we tried to do that, it rained.

Anyway, they got a few Rhode Island beach pictures of me. I went with Stella to have Clam Cakes & Clam Chowder in a little beach hut. UmmmUmmm-- it was sooooo good.

Then we walked the sea rock wall and I was really letting my hair down there after a few clams and some more beer. I darn near blew away, the wind was so hard, and we were walking on the rock wall so that didn't help!

Stella's no different than any of Minkey Mama's other friends ..... she makes me do very dangerous things just to get a good picture. I should have showed her how hard I can BITE, but I figured she'd pack me away in the suitcase for the rest of the trip if I did that, so I controlled myself.

On the last night, I wanted to play Guitar Hero with Stella and Michael again, but they wouldn't let me. Sniff....sniff.... Waaaaaaaa! See me sitting up there on the back of the couch looking all rejected and hurt? I'm tellin' Minkey Mama on the both of 'em.

That evening, they took me to Massachusetts with them. I liked that because on the way, we rode in the convertible with the top down -- and listened to some rock & roll while we enjoyed the ride. Then we went to a big ole cook-out on the beach there. It was probably a lot like that movie Elvis made five kazillion years ago called "Clam Bake".

Last thing we did was to go to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticutt . I didn't get to gamble much because I didn't bring much money in my little black travel bag. That was Minkey Mama's fault. She shorted me. Witch. She probably knew I'd have to curtail my drinking and gambling if she did that.

Oh well.....Stella, Liz, and Michael showed me a really good time, and it was really special to get to go to that corner of the world. Not a lot of people go there often.

I have to go now. I'm already starting to get ready for my upcoming trip to New Oleans and a cruise from there to Mexico. WhoooooHoooooo! Can't wait.


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