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Friday, December 12, 2008

Minkey Goes to Hollywood-Graumann's & Universal Studios* - #1 of 3

For a great slideshow, click on the title of this post. Be sure to click on each slide for the Mink's off-the-wall and sometimes sarcastic remarks!

SLIDESHOW #2 -- WALK OF STARS: (click on the link below): http://flickr.com/photos/13271240@N00/sets/72157608424742656/show/

I got to go on another fantastic trip with my best buds, Ellen and Jeff. And when these two go on a trip, they go on a trip!!! I'm so lucky that they always invite me to tag along!

I felt especially honored on this trip, because before we got started, Ellen and Jeff got married! WhoooooooHooooooooo!! CONGRATULATIONS ELLEN AND JEFF!! You'll see me posing on Ellen's dress on the slideshow.

They even took me to their fabulous room with a view at the Hilton on their wedding night. . WOW!! I felt sooooo special. But I also felt kinda naughty, being with them on their special night because I thought I was going to get some hot tips (and I really mean "hot" ... ooo-Eeeee), but they zipped me up in Ellen's bag so I didn't get to see anything. DARN!! I was going to use my new-found knowledge teach my minkey chicas a few new tricks, but alas ....... it was not meant to be.

Before we left Vegas, we saw the famous "Gatsby" car and some cool motorcycles, and then it was off to Hollywood. YeeeeeHaaaaa!

First, they took me to a street called Durand Drive where a lot of famous people have lived. Then we went to see Capitol Records. I wanted to try to get a record contract there, but Jeff said I screeched like Yoko Ono and figured that wasn't my calling, so we didn't go inside. Sniff .....sniff....Waaaaaaaa!

Then we went to the famous Griffith Park and they took my pic in front of the Hollywood sign, which was cool. That's one of the most humongous parks that exists. People horse-back ride there, swim, bicycle, go to a building where they can look at the moon, etc.

Next, they drove me up in the hills to get behind the Hollywood sign, and we almost all got arrested!! We were messin around up there, and a policeman came up and asked what we were doing. I got in the back seat and started bawling, because his fussing at us really scared me. I was afraid I was going to be the first Minkey to go to Sing-Sing!

Next, we went to a very chi-chi shopping area and saw some of the famous stores there, and then on to the Kodak Threatre. That's where they have a Academy Awards every year, and it's an incredible looking place. I had my pic taken on the famous red carpet and in front of the Babylon Gates, which made me look like I was in Egypt! We saw Jimmy Kimmel's live set there too, and also Heros. Those movie stars sure get a lot of special treatment. I want to be one, too.

They showed me Ripley's Believe It Or Not Building, but I was scared to go in there. Too much weird stuff AND a giant Dinosaur on the roof. No thank you. I went and had a cool drink instead.

I was REALLY impressed with where we went next .... to Graumann's Chinese Theatre, where stars from all time (like Clark Gable and Marily Monroe) have gone to get their feet and hand prints in squares, and then they sign their name, too. I got to put my minkey feet into some mighty big and famous shoes and play like I was them! There's some pics on my slideshow of that and everthing else I talk about on this post, so don't forget to check that out by clicking on the title of this post.

Then we saw the Hollywood Wax Museum and we didn't go in it either, because it had a humongous KING KONG at the entrance with HUGE teeth, and even though he might be my cousin, I stayed clear of him.

After that, we went to Paramount Studios and Forever Hollywood Cemetery of the stars. I don't know why they took me to see a bunch of dead people. They're really boring. They just lay there and do nothing. I wanted to climb some of the big trees there and play in a little pond there, but Ellen said it was disrespectful and gave me a rosary to wear instead. We saw Bugsy Seagel's grave where legend has it that if you leave some money there, you'll win next time you gamble. I left a penny.

Paramount owns some of the land the graves are on, so I've heard some of the ghosties of the stars get up and try to go to work again in there. Ooooooooo ..... They've scared the heebie-jeebies out of plenty of guards!! Cecil B. deMille even walks through the gates sometimes. I don't know how he thinks he's going to direct a picture .... no one can see or hear him most of the time.

The last place we went in Hollywood was the Walk of Stars, and I had my picture taken on so many of the stars, Minkey Mama had to make a separate post and slideshow on that, so be sure and go to the next few posts on here or you'll miss a bunch of cool stuff!

Again, here's the link for that slideshow:

Gotta run now. Minkey Mama is making me take a bath and go to bed so I won't be all grumpy tomorrow.
The Minkster

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