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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To see more of the Universal Studios Santa Monica Pier, just click on the title above** as always.

You can see just from the few pictures above that the excitement was still goin' strong. Here's the line-up of what's happening in these pics from left to right:
  • The Mink with one of the Blues Brothers

  • Lucy is holding me in this one

  • I was afraid the police were after me again in this picture

  • Eeeeeeek! That scary doll, Chuckie, has his mitts on me here.

  • If you look close, a couple of Egyptians are holding me. I think it was Queen Neferteti and King Tut. WAY cool.

  • At the Simpsons Ride (I wanted to ride with Bart, but they wouldn't let me.

  • Just one more life-defying situation (those are becoming a really regular thing, by the way if you haven't noticed). Here, I'm in the middle of a plane crash. And where were Ellen and Jeff? WAY away from the crash zone taking pictures, of course!

  • NOW, if you don't recognize it, I'm standing in front of that horrible and terrifying Psycho house. That hair-raising granny was sittin' up there in the window. I ran away when I saw that, and Ellen thought somebody kidnapped me!

  • It was getting dark in this last picture and that was fun, because we were on the beach with the rides in the background and it was really pretty cos they were all lit up.
Check out all the rest of the pictures on the slideshow** (go to the title above this post and click on it), and you can get to the titles of all the pictures once you're in the slideshow by clicking on the little 4-way arrow box at the bottom and then it'll let you click the place at the top where it says to click there for the titles.

C-ya there, and I hope you had fun with me seeing and hearing about this trip!
The Minkster

P.S. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You All!! :)
P.P.S. My very good friend Ellen, has a house in Las Vegas she's trying to sell, so if you want to live in one of the flashiest, most fun cities in the world, email the Mink and I'll hook you up with her! My email is: minkey8885@verizon.net

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