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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Minkster Cruises to Cozumel, Mexico with the Hightower Family!

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Part 2 of the Minkey Travels with the Hightowers

There's no better place for a little red monkey to party down than a cruise ... especially a cruise to Mexico! Those people really know how to hang out and have a good time. And they love the Mink. Not to brag, but I'm always a fav of the waiters, and this trip I even got to have some fun with a clown!

It's soooo exciting to see that cruise liner coming in, knowing that within minutes, you'll be on it cruising away on the big, beautiful ocean. Yeah, Buddy. Doesn't get much better than that!

We partied on the boat, we partied when we got to Mexico ... I don't really remember doing anything else BUT partying, come to think of it. That was the coolest ship, too. The huge main lobby was all shiny and glowing with brass and neon, and we went to several bars and restaurants and buffets so we could get all fat and happy just in time to put the swim suits on for Mexico! hehe

Those buffets are awesome, cos they have all kinds of fruits and things that minkies like. I was over there basking in the bowl of bananas and managed to scarf quite a few down before Colene (Minkey Mama's boss) caught me.

I screeched and screamed when she pulled me off the bowl. Grrrrrrr. I thought about taking a big ole bite out of her, but she might fire Minkey Mama if I did that. So I had to sit there and sniffle in silence.

When we got to Mexico, we just hung out and played at the beach, and I got to have some banana daquiris when we went to clubs and restaurants there. I didn't have to show my id cos I was smuggled in via Colene's purse! hehe

We ate and partied so much there, I gained 2 ounces! Minkey Mama told me I'd have to climb 20 trees a day to get my vacation ounces off!! Whew ... I'm gonna really be tired.

Next, I'm off to Biloxi, Mississippi to do a little gambling. I don't know about Minkey Mama's friends. They're kind of a wild bunch and are very bad influences on the Mink! But I'll never tell if they don't.

I gotta go. Minkey Mama told me it's time to do my tree-climbing so I can get in shape for my next trip!

Kissy, Kissy :)
"The Mink"

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