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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Minkey in New Mexico:
Thanksgiving Holiday

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I had a really fun trip on the Thanksgiving holiday. I went with a friend from work (Robin) and her family to New Mexico for Thanksgiving. I got to ride up in the front so I could see the road. When we got to Las Cruces, the first thing he wanted to do was play in the cactus and sit on what the family called the “damn tree” in Robin's parents’ front yard. It was really a sculpture that Robin's dad made. Very clever man, obviously! But I don't think his family liked it or something since they used a bad word to describe it.

Anyway, after I played in the cactus and sat on the "damn tree", I met Robin's parents, Marlene and Harry Zwibel, and her brother Jeff and his family -- Jeri (his wife) and his kids, Matthew and Samantha. Then I went to see the sights with them. We went to a place called Mesilla to do some Christmas Shopping and there we ate some nachos and I got to get in a little beer-drinking while I was away from my mom.

Then we got to play in some newly fallen snow on the Organ Mountains. They overlook Las Cruces to the east and are at the butt-end of last of the Rockies. Since I had swigged several beers, I got all puffed up and over confident and thought I'd ride a wild pig!! Ye gads and little fishes and Yipee-ki-yea!!!

After that, I was all worn out from having so much fun, so then I just hung out with the Zwibels.

I had such an exciting trip, I was completely tired out by the end of the trip, so I slept in the back all the way home!

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