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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Minkey at the Hoover Dam & Downtown Vegas

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Well, it's May 16th, and I'm still travelling with Ellen. You can see me in some pics on the dashboard of her car. That woman is a major jet setter. She just goes like a house on fire!

This time we went to see Hoover Dam and downtown Vegas. She took me shopping at the Fremont Street Experience in Vegas and I liked that a lot. They had a can of beer 2 stories high!! I wanted to climb up there and get me a swig, but it was too slick and round. And there were places there where I got to gamble some more. Yipee!!! I always like that. Then we went to a Neon Museum. I hadn't seen anything that bright and dizzying since my last binge on banana daquiris!

Hoover Dam is on the border between Nevada and Arizona. You'll see by some of the pictures that I was in some death-defying situations there. That is one big watering hole!

There's also a pic where she put me on a wall at the dam (that clearly said, "DANGER - KEEP OFF THE WALL". And where did Ellen put me? On the wall!!!! And I fainted I was so terrified. (see above). You can see another pic where I was stiff as a board from the terror. Sometimes Ellen gets a little too carried away trying to get a good pic. I'm telling Minkey Mama on her.

We also went to Lake Mead Recreation area that was pretty cool. It was really pretty and blue. I was looking for hippos and gators, but I never did see any there. Bah! That would have made it feel a lot more like home.

I liked all the huge red colored rocks on this trip. They matched my hair. Talking about my hair, I thought it was going to blow right off my head it was so windy there! You can see that in a bunch of the pictures, too.

Well, that's enough on this post. Next, it's on to HAWAII. YES!!

See ya there!

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