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Sunday, June 15, 2008


(click on the title above for a great slideshow!)

This trip was a dream come true for this little red monkey! Minkey Mama's friend (and customer from work) Ellen, had me mailed to her in Vegas so I could do the stip. And man o' man did I do the strip? Anyone who follows my travels at all knows I do everything while I'm away that I can't do at home, heh heh.

I always find out where the hooch is, first of all. And there were enough Banana Daquiris in that city to fill the Pacific Ocean!

I also never miss a chance to gamble and flirt with the ladies, and as you can see by the pic above, I even charmed a Vegas Show Girl!! OooooLaLa! And was she ever a tall drink of water! hehe I thought those long legs were a palm tree at first and tried to climb them. That's when she picked me up and agreed to have her picture taken with me.

If you click on the title above, you'll see an incredible slide show with me all over "the strip" . I hit every chi-chi hotel, nightclub, casino and shopping center in the city. Even had my pic taken with Whopee Goldberg and Nicholas Cage. Now I'm a star. I'll have to go to Graumann's in LA and put my feet and hands in the concrete like all the other stars do.

I climbed on everything that wasn't nailed down, too. You'll see me sliding down a bannister at a hotel, sitting on a lot of famous statues and fountains, and trying to ride on a bicycle and a little VW bug covered with smiley faces.

Some of those statues were kinda nasty. If my fur hadn't already been red, I woulda blushed. Those people they did statues on didn't wear any clothes at all! YIKES!! I'm talkin' BUCK NAKED! It was tempting to swing off a few things, but I figured I'd get in trouble, so I held back on that. Ellen was taking pictures of me everywhere, so I knew they'd get back to Minkey mama and and she might hurt me and take my peanuts away for the rest of my life.

BEST PART OF THIS TRIP? This was only the beginning. Ellen took me to meet her hubby, Jeff, and her beautiful daughter, Cathy who was graduating high school in Hawaii (yipee!!), AND we went to a ton of other fun places. Keep reading .... you won't be bored, I promise.

xxxooo .... "The Mink"

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