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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Minkey Goes on a Fall Color Train Ride in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas

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Went with Minkey Mama in October to VanBuren, Arkansas for a Fall Train Ride through the Ozark Mountains. It was soooo beautiful, the Mink couldn't believe what he was seeing. Some of those pretty trees were the color of my fur!ome of the people on the train were laughing and having fun with Minkey, and one lady practically took me away from my mom she liked me so much. Her picture with me is up above.

We went through a scary rock tunnel, and when we came out, there was a train robber onboard! YIKES!! Minkey flew around trying to get out, but all the doors were shut and I was too short to reach the handles, so I sat back down. When he came through our car, I tried to stop him (that pic is above as well), but he threatened to put me in his money box and take me off the train, so I sat back down again and started to blubber.

When we got off, I finally calmed down, cos Minkey Mama took me shopping, which I love. She got me a new little black cowboy hat and all the shop owners wanted me to pose in their stores (see that on the slideshow).

We went into a honey shop where there was a wall of glass so you could see the bees making the honey you could buy in there. There's some pics of me in there, too. A real sweet little ole lady ran the shop and had for years. She asked to be on our blog.

The town the train was in was called VanBuren, and it had lots of cool buildings from the 1800's made into the shops as well as an old theatre and a bank that is HAUNTED!! The ghosties sometimes can be seen dancing on the second floor, and the former bank president still tries to work there so you can see him sometime too.

Last, we went to an old Civil War Graveyard, where Minkey posed on one of the tombs in honor of one of the unknown soldiers buried there.

Very cool, historic town, so if you want to see some pretty colors next year without going to the NE (Tim-Buck-Two), go here.

Gotta run. Stay tuned for more trips! The Mink has traveled every month of this past year and is booked into the next. What can I say? People love me! hehe

See You Peeps Later,

Minkey xxxooo

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