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Monday, December 26, 2011

Minkey Goes on Back-to-Back Trips
to San Francisco!

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Hey, it's Minkey here, and I am in LOVE with California! It is so exciting that it can keep even a high-energy little red monkey like me busy and zipping around for YEARS.
This trip was great, cos it was a "guy" trip. And party guys at that! No girlies to worry about their hair blowing or stopping every 10 minutes to go to the bathroom, etc. etc. Just the Mink, Faisal, and his bud Hank.I thought it was going to be only San Francisco, but we did Hollywood too, and it rocked! We went partying downtown night, and it was lit up like Vegas almost! Just such a cool and fun place.

First, we went and checked out ritzy Beverly Hills. I don't know why, but Faisal and Hank refused to get me some new threads there. Hmmm ... that wasn't very generous of them. They didn't buy me ONE souvenir! Blah.

Then we had to go to Graumann's Theater where the stars get their hand and footprints on the sidewalk. I was looking for a wet cement block for the Mink's prints, but I guess they forgot I was coming.
Next, we went to Graumann's Egyptian Theatre, and it was WAY cool. I was afraid a mummy was going to come out and chase me, so I didn't want to stay there too long.

Of course, we just had to go to the famous Madame Tussaud's to see all of the wax dummies there. They were so real-looking, some of them scared Minkey. And then Hank and Faisal were making fools of themselves acting like they were talking and dancing with dummies!! lol They just WISH they were talking to those stars.
Next, we went cruisin' down Mulhollan Drive in the Hollywood Hills and got each other's pics with the famous Hollywood sign behind us. The Mink has been there once before with some really good friends and travel buds, Ellen and Jeff. We got some good distant shots there too, of downtown Los Angeles.
We rented a car and drove all up and down Highway One, which is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. There were tunnels we went through, and roads that felt like you were going to sail out into the ocean. I hate to admit it, but the Minkster peed his pants on one road it was so scary. There's lots of rocky hills all around, too, but they were fun cos I could climb all over them.
In San Francisco, we took a boat ride around the bay and saw Alcatraz Island. I was terrified Faisal was going to drop me off there and send me 'down the river' forever for all the bad things I do when I travel (like the minkey chica and baby I brought back from Hawaii). MinkeyMama calls me a womanizer, a lush, a smoker, a gambler, and a jello-shot fiend.

Anyway, I hid from the guys on the boat so they couldn't drop me off at Alcatraz. Oh yeah, and San Francisco looked really cool from the boat with that big pointy building and houses and things built all up and down the hills.
Before we left, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and the beach there, and to Golden Gate Park and Crissy Field. Then we drove by Danielle Steel's humongous mansion. It had big ole iron gates like the ones the Queen has on her castle in Scotland (where the Scottish lady who took me stuck a pointy fence post up my butt to get a pic!) Sheesh. Minkey was humiliated hanging there like that.
Before driving on down Highway One around Monterey and all those gorgeous places, we went across the Golden Gate and across the bay to downtown Sausalito. It was a pretty interesting place, but not nearly as pretty as San Francisco.

And one last thing ... everybody has to risk the Mink's life on their rips trying to get a good pic. Faisal held me up in front of the bridge, and it was like 60 mph winds (as youcan see by my poor hair in the pics), and he had a hard time hanging on to me. YIKES! I know there's a lot of sharks in the bay who would just love a little tidbit like Minkey for a snack, so I started sniffling and whining til he put me safely back in his backpack.
After that, we went on that spectacular drive down Highway One. We ate at Bubba Gump's right over the water in Monterey. WAY cool. I looked for Forrest Gump to see if he had some candy for me, but he was no where in sight. So we left and went to the rocky beaches there in Monterey to look at the elephant seals.
Minkey never heard of elephant seals, but let me tell you they were GIGANTIC lazy things!! They barely moved, and when they did, they'd roll around and drag their fat carcasses a couple of inches and then plop down on another seal. It's good Minkey isn't a elephant seal, cos when one of em tried to sit on me, I'd kick his ass!

For a minute there, I thought Hank and Faisal were going to try to pose me on one of those ellie-fonts. I'd be flatter than a pancake if they rolled on me during the picture session! No thank you.
Well, that was it for THIS trip. A few days after I get back, I'm goin' back again with another friend from Minkey Mama's job ..... Robin Nicholas. But it's going to be a completey different trip. I'll get to meet her brother and some friends of hers there. Yipee!! Can't wait.
We're going to San Francisco again, but mainly, to Napa Valley and the Vineyards ...YES!!!!! Minkey's gonna get to taste a butt-load of wine. Don't know if I'll be able to type my blog after I go there. I plan on losing a few thousand brain cells 'tasting' (chugging) that lovely, delicate wine. hehe Then Robin said we'll go and see the historic Cannery Row, too, in Monterey.
WHAT A LIFE!! Minkey has to be the luckiest little guy in the whole wide world. Here's my secret ..... you have to weigh one ounce and be 12" tall and limber so you can stow away in peoples bags and back packs. That's it! Simple.
Well, guys, gotta run. We have to catch the plane back to Dallas so I can get ready to come back here!
Byeeeeeeeeee!Minkey xxxooo

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