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Monday, December 26, 2011

Minkey's Dream-Visiting Santa
at the North Pole!

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Minkey was so excited about seeing the real Santa Claus in person, that he misbehaved for 8 full days in Alaska. Of course, that caused his poor friend Charlene, to chase him all over the state, so we're not sure he'll be taking any more trips with Charlene. He probably burned her out with his shenanigans.

ANYway, Minkey rode more public transport than he had on any other trip. First he rode a passenger plane, and then when he got to Alaska, he rode a tour boat, a seaplane, and a train. He had special places on all of them (like elevated baby seats so he could see better, etc.). And Charlene set him up in a special child type seat for the train. He felt just just soooooo special.

The first place we traveled was from Anchorage through Denali National Park and all the way to Fairbanks, which is about 440 miles. That's like a whole trip in itself! We did that part of the trip in a little car, and Minkey was terrified a moose would stop all over us in that tiny tin can because we saw one tromping around in a downtown street in one of the cities we went through, and MAN they are HUGE with legs as tall as a building!

Then the next morning, we got on a tour bus about the same time the chickens get up (like 5 a.m.) to go to the Arctic Circle. The Mink was soooooo sleepy, he konked out on the bus and snorted and snored in his sleep til we got to Joy, Alaska. I think Charlene was embarrassed at all the noise I was making, cos when I woke up, Charlene had a blankie on top of me looking all around to see who all had heard all the rukus!

We stopped at the trading post in Joy on our way to the Arctic Circle and that was pretty cool. Minkey felt like a wilderness critter, just like Grizzly Adams or guys like that. I'm really happy we didn't see any Grizzlies though, because the Mink has seen stuffed ones, and they are a zillion, katrillon feet tall and almost as wide with teeth taller than the Minkster. YIKES!!!! Very scary.

Charlene took some pics of me and her at the Arctic Circle, then got on a prop plane and flew back to Fairbanks (about 350 miles). This is where we went to Santa's House and took some more pics while we were telling Santie what we wanted for Christmas.

In one pic inside Santa's house, Minkey Mama had to put a circle around me in the pic cos I was swinging from the rafters above Santa. I was so excited about being there, Charlene had a hard time getting me to let Santa hold me in his lap so I could tell him what I wanted. It was borderline whether I'd get anything but sticks because I had done some pretty bad things on several cruises this last year.

After that, we travelled back down to Anchorage and caught a train to Seward so he could see the glaciers and take a day cruise on a little boat to see some marine wildlife. We actually saw some ginormous humpback whales. They came up and then dove back down and we were all afraid their HUGE tails would whip the boat out of the water and us with it like little stick dolls.
SCARY!! Oooooooooooo.

There was one pic where I was standing on a Glacier, and you can see how terrible Minkey's hair looked there! It was curling and waving and frizzing so much, you could hardly tell it was the Gorgeous Hunk of Minkey that I am! hehe

Well, that's about it for now. DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THE SLIDESHOW. This is one of the most beautiful states in the whole world and you'll miss a lot if you don't see it!

I have to go home and pack for San Francisco now. I'm going there with a guy Faisal and his friend Hank, coming home, and going again with a chick named Robin Nicholas. They're both crazy and fun people, so Minkey cannot wait!!

Later Gaters,
Minkey xxxooo

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