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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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Playing Keep-Away Laying Down on the Job

(hi-school team?) (he still made a touchdown!)

And this is the first time para-sailing for all of us!

Whooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo!

(see me with Jeff?) :

Hey Peeps and Fans!
It's the Minkster, and I'm ridin' high! Some of my most favoritest people and best friends in the whole wide world, Ellen and Jeff, went to the Pro-Bowl in Hawaii -- and invited the Mink!!

WhoooHoooo!! Can you believe it? I was turning cartwheels, riding Minkey Mama's cat, raiding the wine cooler and screeching for 2 whole days when Minkey Mama told me about my special invitation. She said it sounded like a Yoko Ono concert around there.

I've been to Hawaii before with them, cos they take me EVERYwhere they go, but this was extra, extra special that they would think to take the Mink to something like this. YES!! We partied on the plane, we partied the first day we got there (there were all day/all nite parties everywhere), and I don't think any of us slept the night before. I had a special NFL pass, so I think they thought I was 18 even though I'm only 12" tall, so they let me drink. Whoooopeeeeee!

The game was actually funny in a few parts. In one, all those big and famous football players were down there in a big pile, and arms and legs and players were flying everywhere and so was the ball, and the guy who dropped it ended up with it the last time it flew out! HeeeeeHeeeee!! Then one guy made a touchdown just laying down there at the goal line. Hey, the Mink wants to do that career if that's all there is to it!

Ellen was going to try to get a pic of me with some of those giant football players, but she couldn't get close enough. She's a brazen lady though, and God knows she tried! hehe I wanted to climb on everyones' seats and heads to get down there to the players, but Ellen threatened me with 100 time outs if I even thought about doing that. So I plopped down in Jeff's lap and pouted and fussed about when was it going to start???

Other than that, I only got in trouble one other time when I started eating peanuts off the floor of the stadium. Ellen said I was gonna get sick and miss the game if I didn't stop. Phooey. She's good at spoiling my fun sometimes. I love her, but she can be a big ole pain in the butt.

We managed to squeeze in a little sight-seeing, snorkeling, and para-sailing. Weeeeeeee! So much fun. Especially the para-sailing! Hawaii is beautiful, but you ain't seen nothin' until you've floated above it all with a bird's eye view.

Speaking of birds, I wasn't nervous about being so high, but I was VERY nervous about the birds pooping all over us. We were lambs to the slaughter sitting right under them all. But I felt so special floating around up there with Ellen and Jeff. They include me in EVERYthing.

Finally, after the game and sight-seeing and fun and sun, it was time to leave Hawaii. I thought Ellen was going to start blubbering, she loves it so much there, but she finally gave in and we all got on the plane. Can't wait for the next trip with them. They're fun even if you're going to the library with em!

See y'all later. Be sure and mark this page so you can check in ever so often for new stuff.


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