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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Minkey Cruises to Haiti, Grand Caymen, Nassau The Bahamas & Jamaica


A guy at work named Rick Moyer took me with his girlfriend on a fabulous cruise to some places Minkey has never been.

We took a plane to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we boarded the Celebrity Solstice to start our cruise. They took me everywhere they went on land when we docked, too, so that I didn't miss a thing! Rick's one of the most fun travel buds I've ever had.

Minkey likes to go with guys sometimes, cause they really understand me and the fact I like to take a swig of some hooch ever now and then. He bought me some really fancy cocktails BIGGER THAN ME if you look at all the pics!

We had a lot of fun on the ship. We ate like piggies, hung around at the pool and the pool BAR of course, heh heh ..... and they even let me sleep on their bed and lay out on the balcony to tan. Minkey turned a beautiful carrot-bronze color. A bronze God for the chicas to admire!

One of the places I've been before ... but not on land (the Grand Caymen Islands), had a place called HELL where I think he was maybe trying to leave the Minkster at first) until he got to know me and like me a little better. He even put me on the Devil's shoulder like I was his peep or something. YIKES!!! Minkey does NOT hang around with the Devil, so no calls or letters, please!

Then (whew!!) he took me back to the ship with them to finish the cruise!

We also went to Labadee, Haiti, a place the Mink has never been. That was cool. And then there was Nassau, the Bahamas. That's a really beautiful place ..... really colorful and fun!

We got to go to Jamaica, too, where I met one of my long-lost cousins. He called me "MON'". I'm not grown yet, so I don't know why he did that. He was kind of a chunky monkey. A lot taller and fatter than Minkey. Too many twinkies and bananas, I guess!

I hope Rick will take me again sometime with him. He did an awesome job on the pics and descriptions and everything, and then Minkey Mama sat on her a___ working on some other websites or something til I thought she'd never finish this!

But here we are ...... another amazing trip "in the bag"!! Thank you Rick!

See you peeps later. I got a banana mousse for dinner I need to go chow down on.

xxxooo Minkey

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